Sunday, 25 August 2013

Just a fool in love.

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To be wanted
To be yearned
To be loved.

To find that someone who can teleport you to another world. To another dimension, where we, are only two things that matters.

To find that someone, that can make you smell colours and taste rainbows each time you gaze upon her smile.

To find that someone, that can outweighs all the problems in the world that you're having by just merely existing.

To find that someone, that can make you feel euphoria countless times and making you addicted to it, addicted to her.

To find that someone that can make you don't care on how far or how long or how harsh the journey is, as long as she is there, by your side.

To find that someone, that is different and yet similar and fits perfectly together like a 2 piece jigsaw puzzle.

The feelings that can't be describe well enough with words but when you felt it, it sent shivers to your bone and left you gasping for air.

To be wanted, to be yearned and to be loved by that special someone, is a blessing for which I thanked God in every waking moment in my life.
I'm the lucky one here to have found you, to know you, to be mesmerized by your smile, to be captivated by your laugh, to be stupefied by your charms, to be dazzled by your attitude, to be dumbfounded by your words, to be astonished by your compassionate understanding and to be addicted to your love.

I tried my best to pen my feelings, I really do, and yet it looks pale in comparison to what I am currently feeling, pale in comparison to what YOU made me feel.

and a Happy 21st Birthday NGOE. 

P/p/s : I finish drafting this post a day before you posted for mine so don't you dare say that I get the idea from you. You are just lucky that mine was earlier than yours.  Oh btw, eff you for stealing my line. (=-=)
I'm guessing you going to say, "eley kau pun pentiru ayat aku." 
Well, we do think alike. Surprise surprise. (n_n) 
P/p/p/s : The above p/p/s was written after I read your post. 
P/p/p/p/s : You have no idea how shocked I was to know how similar we think alike.


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