Thursday, 1 August 2013

najah shuo shenme?: Sunset in the Cab

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Hi! Good morning/afternoon/evening/night to those who read this in the morning/afternoon/evening/night. How are you today?
I'm awesome as always.

Anyhow, I'm wanted to share to all of you this blog post.

najah shuo shenme?: Sunset in the Cab

For those who like colourful, beautiful words mashed up together to create a symphony of rhythm, you should visit this blog. I find it interesting to browse through this blog because some of the poems manage to sway my heart and others just feels.......right.

She started blogging around 2010 and she has around 50 poems that she has written and share so far. I have read it all and it..was..beautiful. All of the poems are beautiful. For those who are heartbroken, missing a friend, for those who in are love, for couples that are fighting, for those who just want to stroll around reading something light and yet entertaining, you should give http://najahliangmoi.blogspot.com/ a visit.

Have a nice day/night and I'll see you, later.


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