Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tutorial : Downloading Using Torrent

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In the rapid development of technologies, it is considered as a necessity to be tech savvy. I believed it is time for someone (that would be me), pass down some (of my) knowledge on how to download using a torrent client.

Download made simple.

Before I dive deeper on this tutorial, here are some basic stuff. There are two ways to download a file. Using direct download, or using peer-to-peer (p2p). 

  To simplified it, direct download is like taking a taxi, where you would go directly to your destination. How fast your taxi is depends on your engine (that would be your internet) . Did you got that? Here is a recap of what you have just learned.

*Taxi = Direct Download*
*Taxi engine = Internet connection*
*Destination = Your stuff you want to download*
*Better engine = Faster arrive at destination*
*Faster internet speed = Faster the download*

I think, I have made that as simple as possible (Emphasis on the word "I think"). Now, moving on. Torrent client is a little bit complicated. Here are some of the terms that you should get familiarize with before we go any further.

1. seed = the people who is uploading the file.
2. leech = the people who is downloading the file.

Now, p2p is more like wanting to get to a destination in a boat.

This type of boat to be precise.
  Here is the deal. You want to get across the lake by riding the boat, so you stand there,cheering by beating the drum, and let others paddle the boat to the other side. Once across, you are given a chance to either get off the boat OR help out by becoming one of the people row the boat. Can you imagine the story?

  Now, you, the drummer, are the leecher, and the people rowing the boat, are the seeder. And once you have finished download your file or software or movies or porn, you can choose to be the either the seeder or just be selfish sensitive towards your own gratification and walk away.

Okay enough chit chat, I hope now you know the basic jist of direct download and p2p.

How to download using p2p.

1. Choose a torrent client. There are plenty out there, for example ABC, BitLord, LimeWire, uTorrent, Vuze, and many more. But since I am using uTorrent, so for newbies, I recommend you do the same.

click here to get to uTorrent web page.

2. Click the orange button that I abstractly drawn around it.

Abstract is art. Thus my circling is epic.

If you have extra money that you don't need, you can always buy the premium.

Right now, you are using direct download to use p2p. Or using the taxi to get the boat! :D

Double click the torrent application.

READ. Do not just rape the next button. READ! Because sometimes they asked us to install toolbars or what not. SO READ ON WHAT YOU ARE AGREEING ON.
Congratulations! You just installed uTorent!

Now, lets recap.
*Boat = uTorrent software*
*Destination = The stuff that you wanted to download*
*leecher = drummer = you = People who is downloading that file*
*seeder = rower = people who is uploading that file = people who has completed downloading and continue on to seed*


*more people row the boat = faster they help other people get to the other side*


*More seeder on the file that you wanted = Faster your download will be*

Now, all torrent client needed a torrent file (.torrent) to download your destination. Okay long story short, just go to torrentz.eu (It is a search engine, like google, but only for .torrent file). 

3. Type anything that you want to download in the search box. For example purposes, I have typed in "titanic".

Tips : Only download on verified sources.

4. Left-click one of the results. I choose the 1st, because it is verified by users like you and me and has a lot of seeders. You will then stumbled upon something like this.

239 people has verified this file. But if you are still skeptical and want more opinion,scroll down a bit and you will see a comment section.
5. I like to use kickasstorrent because it has almost no ads and it show where I can download the .torrent file clearly.

6. Just a few more steps to go. After clicking it, your browser will download the .torrent file like so;
You will get something like this if you use Google Chrome as well.

7. Lastly open that file by double clicking it. And this will popup.
Lastly. Press Ok.
8. and you're done! Congratulations on your download! 

Disclaimer : It is not illegal to use uTorrent. But it is illegal to download copyrighted material. Support the company if you like their product!

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


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Yesterday, I had a weird dream (yes, I did wash my feet), it is so weird that I had to make a post about it.

"You must not be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."
Christopher NolanInception: The Shooting Script 

My Weird Dream.

*Like any other dream, I can not remembered all the details, just bits and pieces of it before I woke up.*

Situation : Lining up to receive my Diploma during my convocation day.

So, I lined up to receive my diploma, during the wait, I started to recalled back all the hardships, all the joy and pain and all the experience I had gain during my studies. I was so emotional at that moment (every grad student will know this feeling), I almost shed a tear. Almost.

I managed to control my feeling, and while waiting, I saw my fellow classmates are allowed a short speech after receiving the diploma, and then before I realise it, my brain already started to think of a speech for me to say.

Then, the moment of truth, my name was called, I walk gracefully onto the stage. Then I went to the podium and give my speech. (Bear (RAWR) in mind, I am still sleeping and all of this happens in my dream.)

This is the speech that I delivered with full emotion.


Our Time 
(The title is something that I came up afterwards.)

   I would like to give a bundle of thanks to my parents, my lectures, and of course to all my friends. Thank you. It has been a roller coaster of fun, anger, surprise, fear, sadness, anticipation and joy. How ever, my journey,*slight pause* OUR journey,  is far from over, it is not the end, it is just the end of the beginning. 

   And our new chapters in life is going to be filled with new hardships, new challenges and of course, new rewards. Let us all embrace our future and embark to our journey, TOGETHER, hand in hand, making a mark in this world.

   It is our time to shine. It is our time to colour our future. Guys.., no,*Slight pause and inhale* LADIES AND GENTLEMAN,  THIS is our TIME.


At that last sentence, the crowd was cheering and clapping, I got goosebumps all over, and I just can not hold it in anymore. Tear drops are running down my cheeks, with my scroll in my hand squeezed tight, I raised it high to the sky.


By raising my fist in my dream, I immediately I woken up, with my hands in the air, and I was crying. It.felt.so.REAL. I grab my phone and quickly jot everything before I forgot about it. and here we are. What is so weird is that I did not even attend my diploma's graduation,

so who's memory is that?

Did these guys put it in my mind?

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Saturday, 16 March 2013


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Hey guys. I just wanted to try something new today. I have been experimenting a bit with Malay language, and this is one of the result of the experiment. :D

I tried to infused a deep and powerful message in this poem(is it a poem?). Let me know if you can feel the story behind this masterpiece (Funny story, I translate "karya" using Google Translate and this is what it gave me, I am self centered kind a guy, but I am not that full of my self to labelled my own work as a masterpiece. but hey, I am not going to argue with Google. hahaha).

I hope you guys can enjoy this masterpiece LOL and feel free to comment. 


Sukar untuk aku pilih apabila penulis menulis sekadar asalkan tulis.

Buat aku merasa kesal dan sesal menghabiskan seminit dua untukku membaca warkah penulisan penulis. 

Yang hanya sekadar menggabungkan huruf menjadi perkataan dan perkataan menjadi ayat.

Apabila roda tetikusku sudah penat bergolek, dan mataku kabur kepenatan,

Aku menolak tetikus ku menuju bucu tetingkapku 

Dan melenyapkan dari pandangan permandangan yang penuh perhiasan.


Karya: MHD, March 2013.

Pada yang tak dapat tangkap mesej yang aku cuba nak sampaikan, maybe gamba ini membantu. Maybe.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


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Lets sing along!
Mr. sun came up and he smiled at me.
Said it's gonna be a good one just wait and see.

Jumped out of bed and I ran outside,feeling so extraticstatified.

It's the best day ever!(Best day ever)

It's the best day ever!(Best day ever)

I'm so busy got nothing to do,

Spent the last 2 hours just tying my shoe.

Every flower,every grain of sand,is reaching out to shake my hand.

It's the best day ever!(Best day ever)
It's the best day ever!(Best day ever)

Sometimes the little things start closing in on me,
When I'm feeling down,I wanna lose that frown

I stick my head out the window and I look around.

Those clouds don't scare me they can't disguise,

This magic that's happening right before my eyes.

Soon Mr.Moon will be shining bright,
And the best day ever can last all night.
Yeah the best day ever's gonna last all night now.

It's the best day ever!(Best day ever)

It's the best day ever!(Best day ever)

It's the best day ever!(Best day ever)
It's the best day ever!(Best day ever)
(Best day ever)

Or maybe this picture can describe my reaction right now :D

I am not sure which character describe my feeling most,,, having rainbow puke shoot at my face or placing your hands at  hips and starts puking at someone else's face.

So, do you want to know why? Here is why.

Yep. I bought my own personal computer. YeaY!!!  And after putting it all together, this is the result!

Can't choose which windows to use, so why not both! :D

Windows 7
Windows 8

The sticker at my casing. It looks a lot cooler in live view. Seriusly.

For those who wants to know, this is the specs.

Intel Core I3 3220 (LGA1155/3.3GHZ/Dual)
Ecsh61h2-MV LGA 1155/DDR3/PCI-3)
Kingston PC Value DDR3-1333-2GB
WD Caviar Blue 500GB
Samsung DCD-RW/24x SATA
AVF ATX Casing 500W
23'' Wide LCD Monitor.
Wireless keyboard and mouse.
CheapAss speaker.serious cheap, RM15 only.

Total price. RM 1420.00 !!!

I seriously can't describe how I felt right now......But I did snap a picture. :3

I've been driving back from Low Yat with THIS smile on my face.

For this new toy, I would like to my parents, my sisters Iti and Ani, my sifu who thought me about the joy of blogging mr +Cakap Niaga, thanks to +Said Mohammad, my friends, Bulat, who accompanied me to Plaza Low Yat, MrAizamEv who help me with the specs and installing the Operating system and what not. And thank you all for who involve directly or indirectly making me possible to buy this awesome, awesome machinery. THANK YOU! and I'm not sorry for the long post.

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Monday, 11 March 2013


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Hi guys! It has been the most longest week in my life and since I have a little bit free time, why not spent it by updating my blog, who need sleep anyways, am I right?

Anyway as I mentioned earlier (click here if you missed that post) ,I just come back from a 3 days 2 night holiday team building program for the Secretariat of the National Blue Ocean Strategy 5 UiTM. Wow that is a mouth full.

Ok, from what I understand from the team building is that NBOS goal is to improve the standard of living, using sustainable ways and modern socio economics (I cannot remembered the exact word, I will update it later). And there are 5 approach in achieving those goals, and they are ;

  1. Education
  2. Culture
  3. Business
  4. ICT and Technology
  5. Environmental

I was given the honour to lead my team to create a pilot program to improve the culture in Malaysia. At first I was like, "WHAT.THE.H***.DID I GET MYSELF INTO!" , but then after I let it sink in, and with my overzealous teammate (Dang, Wawa, Ain and Afirah) and Akif , we manage to pull it through and able to develop an idea to be presented to the top management. Hopefully it went well.

P/s :  Right now, I can't reveal our idea here as it is still in progress. Since I did not bring any camera, the pictures of the activities will come later, or in the next update.

This is the person responsible for making me having leg cramps till today. You guys are the best. Thanks.

Adviser : Muhammad Shah Ali, Executive Student Affairs Officer.

President : Mohd Zikri

Fatin Ahmad @ Tino
Haizul Abdul Halim
Nurul Najwa Adawiah
Muhammad Akif
Muhammad Ariff Muhammad Zain @ Kimi
Muhammad Riduan bin Zulkafli

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Thursday, 7 March 2013


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University Ambassador (UA) National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS).

Apparently, I have been accepted to join the UiTM National Blue Ocean Strategy Secretariat. Needless to say, my heart was filled to the brim with joy to be one of the university ambassador. FYI, UA NBOS is a national program driven by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

They typed my name wrong! (=_=)
In short,
1. UA functioned as young leader especially in organizational aspect.

2. Served as a bridged between local communities and the government       to disseminate information regarding any action done by the government.

3. Become a good role model to the youth by showing maturity, positive attitude and confidence.

Click HERE for further clarification on what is NBOS or what is UA, their functions, activities, or their program.

They invited me to join their Teambuilding University Volunteers UiTM program this Friday (8th of march) till Sunday (10th of March). Even though the activities listed in the tentative are extremely fun, sadly to say, I cant bring any of my gadgets there because the activities are pretty extreme. Thus making me unable to provide live updates to my fellow readers, however, I promise the first thing I do after hugging my laptop calling my parents after coming back from the program is to give a full report on my activities there.

Good bye and see you guys at 11th of March 2013. God willing (hopefully).
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Those little things.

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How to get a Girlfriend.

1. Find a girl!

To get a girlfriend, one of the way is to find a girl (that you like) that has an interest in you. What you need to do is ;

2. Notice the signals.

How to know if the girl are  interested in you? You can just ask them directly but, since women are egoistic shy, so they tend to lie denied it. Sometimes, even if they say they do not like you, we still can still tell of she is going to change her mind or not.

One of the way to know if you got a chance or not in that girl is by texting her through any channel you have like Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger or normal text. By texting, it is not what she said that is important, but what she did not say. One of the signal that she like your presence, or she like talking to you, is when you want to stop texting ,she replied saying that she wants to text you later. If you can get this kind of reply, either she realise it or not, she likes you. But usually she did not realise it yet because that signal comes from her subconscious mind telling her conscious mind that she likes you. But I am not going to explain about subconscious mind in this post (maybe later).

How to get that signal you ask?
Well that is easy. Just follow this steps.
     1. Start texting.
     2. Get the conversation going by asking about her. Give her the attention.
     3. Make some joke, makes her laugh, and when you start smiling while typing, stop texting with her.
     4. Stop texting by saying, you want to eat or sleep, or doing your chores.
     5. Now wait for the signal.

IF she did reply on step 1 till 4 positively by answering your question and keep the conversation going by asking you question, but did not give the signal, do not worry. Just repeat the steps and when you want to stop texting, say this, " i'm sorry i got to go, but text you later?". When she replies "okay" or "k" , it will give her conscious mind false signal. Her conscious mind would thought that her subconscious mind that giving the signal (I shall explain later how to exploit her subconcious mind).

to be continued..
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The big picture.

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People say that to see the truth, we have to see the bigger picture. What they missed out to mention, is how BIG is the big picture?

In our daily life, we encounter many situation where we are faced with many choices. In order to make the right decision we need to see the big picture. The big picture here is define as the "entire perspective on a situation or issue" (Merriam-Webster). Now, we often heard that knowing is half the battle, but how much knowing is considered as knowing? Is it enough just to know the basics? Or we have to dive in deeper, to grasp the situation at hand?

"Do we have to dive in deeper to understand better?"

The answer to that question is a big YES. Yes, in order to make a decision, ANY decision, we have to fully grasp the big picture. Because only then we can analyse the situation and took action. Some may say "aw we don't have to do a research on which toothpaste to buy! It's a no brainer! ".Then I would reply, 
"You can walk in a dark maze with your eyes closed. But how can you be sure you are on the correct path?"  
It is not just about making A decision, it is about making a GOOD decision. A decision that will utilise all your resources and a decision that you will not soon regret.


Is your knowledge on an issue are sufficient enough to be considered as the big picture? It may be big for you, but ever so often, it really is only-

-a fraction of reality.
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Monday, 4 March 2013


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"Someone who believes it's their duty to attempt to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes they observe". Definition by urbandictionary.com
If you are a grammar Nazi, I must give you a head's up, this blog is hell to you (and I am sorry). Because I'm the one who author this blog and since English is not my mother's tongue thus I naturally suck at it (big time), and I am pretty sure there are a lot of grammar mistakes (God forbid) and HUGE room for improvements and so to improve my self, I create this blog.

Who am I you ask?
My name is Muhammad Hafiz. I am a Malaysian, my first language is Bahasa Melayu and English is my second language. I started to developed interest and pedal my self through to improve my English mainly by watching some a LOT of television. Series, cartoons, movies, cartoons, and more cartoons. I think that is enough about me.

This is the place where I'm going to rant on and on with different topic weekly and giving chances to any grammar Nazi out there to bask in the awesome feeling of correcting my grammar (if there is any) by dropping it in the comment section below the post. You can also critique on my writing skills, ideas, the topic I'm discussing and so on.

The reason I'm doing this is because I believe if someone corrects my mistakes or critique on my writing skill, I will learn faster and hopefully do better in writing. Furthermore, my teachers is a bit pissed off with me as I keep asking him to proof read my essay.

I know there are plenty grammar checking website out there. For example Grammarly, or GrammarBase but I don't believe I going to learn anything just by copying, pasting and right clicking the red-underlined words. I want to write well on paper as well. I still use those website to check if I "accidentally" plagiarised any article into my journal or my report research.

What will you get from this? Well, if you are a true blue (or is it red?) Grammar Nazi, the satisfaction of correcting someone will be enough for you and I deeply appreciate your effort in  taking out your precious time to correct me.

For the normal readers, I just hope you guys enjoy my writing and have a good one. 
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