Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I still love you.

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It has been almost 4 years now since the first day you became mine.
I still remember our first date.
You and I walk together, clinging close to me not wanting to let me go.
Hugging me, caressing me.
Making me feel like I am your world.

You were my only one,
And I went everywhere with you.

You have been there for me.
Taking everything that I throw at you.
Through thick to thin, rain or shine, you are still there, silently, faithfully,
Waiting for me to caress you back.
Waiting to feel the love from me.
Waiting for me to fulfill my promise.
To spent time with you.

But I never did.

Before I knew it,
4 years have passed.

Those sparkling smile, has become sallow,
The not-wanting-to let-go hugs, has become perforce,
The loving caress has become bitter blister,

When I was being too rough to you,
you lay there, silently took it, blow-by-blow,
I thought you were enjoying it,
as much as I do.
Oh how wrong can I be.

When you cried,
during most of our dates,
almost all...of our dates.
I thought it was normal,
Oh how stupid can I be.

I know this post,
will not make up for all that I have done.
However, I hope it is not too late to tell you.

That I still love you.

I do,
even after I have bought new shoes,

No shoes caress my feet like you do.

Updated 8.5.2013, shout out to +Suhaida Sulaiman for correcting my mistakes. Thanks :D

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

I'm a pro.

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When you have 1 assignments, 1 movie review, 1 interview, 2 test, 1 mock event and 1 real event that the due date is near, suddently you have time to update blogs. Haha.

I put the 'pro' in Procrastination.

Oh, a little update on myself. Since there are no movie after Sherlock Holmes 2 that entice me to watch it in the cinema. In fact, some movies just make me feel not worth my time to watch or space in my computer to even download it *cough* if I condone such irresponsible act of illegal downloading, whch I'm not. *cough* I am trying to motivate myself to start reading novel. Not so proud to say, till this date, I only have read 4 novels so far. And each book took me around 4-5 weeks.

The first three novel I read during my secondary school, and I just finish reading my fourth one last week. Right now, my friend, Su, lend me the novel, How To kill a Mokingbird by Harper Lee. Gladly, it is not a tutorial on how to kill a freaking bird. Yup.Yup, noo killing birds what so ever. Not that I was excitedly agreeing to read the books because of this idea. Anyway, I'm still in the second chapter, lets just hope that there are bird killing plot in the book Err, I mean lets hope *NOT. Lets hope there are NO bird killing plot in the book. 

So talking bout killing birds. It reminds me of a funny episode of Family Guy where Peter find a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Funny right. The level of sarcasm, ignorance, irony and sarcasm of that TV series is off the charts. Yeah I did say asrcasm sarcasm twice to emphasize it.

Anywayyyy, I really should get back to my work..Soo if you know any good books, please, feel free to drop it in the comment. I will try my super best to read it.My target is to read 50 novel before the end of this year.

46 more to go.

I hope I can make it. :)
Laters, babe.
Ceo of Fiylola Industries.. LoL. yeah that is my fourth book. I read it just to know what is the hype is all about. and....it is..erm..colourful. Yes, the description are pretty colouful. Hahaha. Those who don't know what I'm talking about, do read 50 Shades of Gray. Laters, babe. 

p/s : Haih so many errors. I really should check before I publish =.=a
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Friday, 12 April 2013

Simple guide on how to be awesome.

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Okay don't get your hopes up. I am not going to post on how to learn to be awesome, but this is even better. I am going to blog about --

Universal Learning Theory Guidelines by Muhammad Hafiz (Me).

This is more to guidelines than theory actually. Simple yet effective guideline, on how to learn anything that you wanted. Anything. Anything at all.

The guide IS simple -- to do it, however, is a different story altogether. Sometimes, it is the simple things in life that is the hardest to do. Like saying thanks, or smile *cough*or-share-my-blog-or-my-post-to-your-friends*cough*.
This theory however, is based on my bullshit experience. It is not perfect -- at least not yet -- but this is how I view the world.

First thing first, in order for you to learn new things, you need to have a will to do it. In simple words, you are the one that wanted to learn that subject.

1. YOU, yourself wanted to learn.

Being forced, coerce, or blackmailed into learning new stuff would be difficult for the learning process. For example, your job scope required you to learn a new third language. Korean for example. If you learn Korean because you have to otherwise you might get sack (being forced to learn), it is going to be hard because every cell in your body are rejecting the new input. However, in a different situation, where a teenager girl can understand and speak Korean fluently just because she wanted to understand and speak the language of her idol/crush, Kim Jong-Kook, one of the cast from a South Korean variety show, Running Man.

In everything we do, we start with our intention and perception. It is mind over matter.

I have experienced this my self. In 2006, I represent my school at a district level in table tennis competition. Just before my match, out of nervousness, deep in my heart, I said "I can't win." , and sure enough I lost the match 9-11 after leading it at 9-5. Anyway, to learn, you need to have enthusiasm. With it, you can freely move forward, but if you are forced, coerced or blackmailed, it is like having a ball of chain around your feet -- you can move forward but with great difficulty.

So change your intention and correct your perception. Keep positive and optimistic. See the world in a different light -- a better light. Focus on the benefits, and the fun side of learning new things.

After having the passion to learn, to actually learn anything, all you got to do is read, listen and watch.

2. Read, listen and watch.

Get familiar with the subjects that you wanted to learn, by reading about it, listen to it, or listen about it. Mainly to get to know it better. For example, if magic tricks is the thing that you wanted to learn, read about it, listen to it, watch the show and watch the tutorial, see how the tricks is done by professional and by amateurs.

After you have done that, do it again and again and do this as well --

3. Question EVERYTHING.

For those who instantly ask "why?" after reading number 3, Good job. You are learning fast. :) 

You need to question everything that you learn. By questioning it, and then looking for the answers, you can understand deeper and better on why it is the way it is. By questioning everything, we can be more focused and alert. To uncover how magician do their magic tricks is by asking everything, not at the magician, but at your self. For example, if the magician ask you to hold up your right hand, ask why your right not your left, why is he using so much hand movement, then you would be more alert and notice that the purpose of that action is to distract you so that you would be focused on your hands and missing his sleight of hands.

Here is an exercise . Try and see if you can explain in details how the magic is done and the purpose of the cup, the jug and the "crazy" act by questioning everything.

Lastly, after reading, watching, listening and questioning everything, you need to put everything you learn into practice!

4. Put it into practice!

Practice, practice, practice and more practice. After that you can practice, practice and practice and practice some more. Yes, practice is that important.

Ain't it simple. In 4 simple steps, the world is your oyster.
Congratulations, you just learn how to learn :D
Now go and put it to practice! 
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Monday, 8 April 2013


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..into FiyLoLa!

So, you must have been wondering why change the url? Why fiylola? Why rebranding? Why now? Why do I even think you guys would even care?

Whoo okok,Chill. I shall answer all my imagination your questions.

1. Why I change the URL?
Because, after putting much thought into it, I feel that my URL need to be short, simple, and memorable. And thanks to my friends who comes out with the name.
Soo, GrammarNaziHell --evolved into--> FiyLoLa!

S. Hayden

2. Why fiylola (Fiy-Lo-La)?
Ok, the pronunciation of the word fiylola resembles  my name, which is Hafiz Dolah Don't believe me? Try saying my name 15 times as fast as you can :3 . The story goes like this, Hayden and Susu was talking bout me nothing bad I presumed, and then Yuyu want to join in the conversation LOL who am I kidding, of course they are gossiping about me =.=. When Yuyu ask who are they talking about, he said my name. Then Yuyu murmurs, "Hah? Fiylola?" Yes she has a bit of hearing problem :P. And thus the two of them broke into laughter.

3. Why Rebranding?
Ok I have to admit, rebranding is a little bit too much. You need to have a brand 1st to rebrand. Just think of it as a rename, nothing is change,I still post random topics that I needed to get out from my chest, and I am still with my arms wide opens, welcomed, every single one of  your brutal honesty than any sugar coated 

4. Why now?
Why noT? If not now, then when?

5. Why do I even think you guys would even care?
......wait, *pause* So right now I'm imagining you asking me about my thoughts, and I have to justify my thoughts to you who are currently my imagination ultimately leading towards asking a question to myself about myself and answering the question to myself?

So, I manage to make my head hurts. Goodbye. For now.

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