Monday, 11 March 2013


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Hi guys! It has been the most longest week in my life and since I have a little bit free time, why not spent it by updating my blog, who need sleep anyways, am I right?

Anyway as I mentioned earlier (click here if you missed that post) ,I just come back from a 3 days 2 night holiday team building program for the Secretariat of the National Blue Ocean Strategy 5 UiTM. Wow that is a mouth full.

Ok, from what I understand from the team building is that NBOS goal is to improve the standard of living, using sustainable ways and modern socio economics (I cannot remembered the exact word, I will update it later). And there are 5 approach in achieving those goals, and they are ;

  1. Education
  2. Culture
  3. Business
  4. ICT and Technology
  5. Environmental

I was given the honour to lead my team to create a pilot program to improve the culture in Malaysia. At first I was like, "WHAT.THE.H***.DID I GET MYSELF INTO!" , but then after I let it sink in, and with my overzealous teammate (Dang, Wawa, Ain and Afirah) and Akif , we manage to pull it through and able to develop an idea to be presented to the top management. Hopefully it went well.

P/s :  Right now, I can't reveal our idea here as it is still in progress. Since I did not bring any camera, the pictures of the activities will come later, or in the next update.

This is the person responsible for making me having leg cramps till today. You guys are the best. Thanks.

Adviser : Muhammad Shah Ali, Executive Student Affairs Officer.

President : Mohd Zikri

Fatin Ahmad @ Tino
Haizul Abdul Halim
Nurul Najwa Adawiah
Muhammad Akif
Muhammad Ariff Muhammad Zain @ Kimi
Muhammad Riduan bin Zulkafli


awesome hafiz...terbaik r...hohoho

No pics. of event like listening to the radio news


yes, sorry bout that. The pictures will come later. Hopefully.


Thanks :D

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