Thursday, 18 July 2013

You are one in a minion. DIY!

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Yep. You did not read that wrong. And yes that was intended. It's not a typo. So most of you probably have already watch Despicable Me 2. For those who did'nt, that oceon of yellow, that mini creature, is called Minions. Its a fun movie, hillarious, entertaining, and suitable for those who are young at heart. *Cough*

So, yesterday I saw people lining up and rushing into McDonalds because they give out free minions toy with every happy meal.

Look at this
Now back to me.

So for those who can't get one, or too shy to buy a happy meal, or your girlfriend are crazy with minions and you are tot cheapskate to buy her one, here is how you can make one out of paper!WOOP! WOOP!

yeah I know this is a bit small.

Here are the steps.
1. Google 'cubeecraft Minions'.
2. Choose one and save the picture.
3. Print out the picture.
4. Cut it out and assemble it.
5. Go crazy with your minions!

So here are some other model that you do with cubeecraft. Aaaand there are plenty more design! Just Google it. Cubeecaft. and don't forget to set it to find pictures instead of website. HAVE FUN!


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